opentargets - Python client for

opentargets is the official python client for the Open Targets REST API at

This client allows you to query the API automatically taking care of handling all the calls and returning data in a pythonic way.

Main advantages of using the client versus querying the REST API directly

  • Include wrappers for all public methods, with query validation
  • Tools for the most common calls (E.g. get data for a target gene symbol even if you do not know its Ensembl Gene Id)
  • Supports automatic retrieval of paginated results with an iterator pattern
  • Easily save query results as JSON, CSV or Excel file
  • Handles Authentication
  • Handles fair usage limits transparently
  • Follows HTTP cache as set by the REST API
  • Experimental HTTP2 support for better performance (beware the client library is in alpha)

This client is supported for Python 3.5 and upper. Works on lower version (including python 2.7) on a best effort basis. Take a look at the Tutorial to have an idea of what you can do.


Apache 2.0



pip install opentargets

or directly from github

pip install git+git://

Get the source code (or make your own fork) on GitHub : CTTV/opentargets-py